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STR Vision CPM (Construction Project Management) is a powerful and flexible software designed and developed by AEC Specialists. It allows professionals and companies to manage bidding, planning and execution with specific functionalities such as cost estimation, quantity takeoff, project planning and cost control. Find out how to manage efficently price lists, materials, trucks, equipment & people on site with the advanced BIM features for 4D and 5D (scheduling and cost  control).


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Integration SYNCHRO and STR Vision CPM


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STR Vision CPM construction project management software is:

STR Vision CPM supports your business in the process of creating and submitting a construction proposal, which requires lists & price management, cost estimation and Quantity Take offs. All of this can be achieved centrally through our purpose built construction cost estimating, bidding a proposal software.

Managing and scheduling your construction project through time and resources with WBS working breakdown structure, Gantt Diagram and the powerful virtual view of the building model in order to correctly plan your construction project.

Cost control in construction is vital to keeping your project within budget, and requires seamless integration with different variables to do so properly. STR Vision CPM allows you to take control of performance and production, the use of resources (personnel, material, and equipment), the supplier deliveries, and the performance of subcontractors.

IFC Viewer integrated in the software allows you to upload IFC files (produced by the main 3D CADs) to explore the model and see the quantitative and qualitative properties of the modeled objects in your IFC construction project.
Learn more about STR Vision’s integrated IFC Viewer.

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